Proudly named after what was once and may still be the only gay bar in Colorado Springs, Club Q is a collection of poems contending with rejection, belonging, and the spiritual warfare of growing up a gay Evangelical Christian. Poet Andrea Rexilius says of Club Q, "The book is in part a quest or query of the quotidian, guided by formalist play with the sestina, self-portraits, persona poems, terza rima, and references to spelling bees, Scrabble clubs, bingo, and arcades. It is a powerful, playful book that catalogs the precise imprecision of our human situation. Club Q is a place where 'Heaven is a chorus boy… if you are very good, you might get him for Christmas. He is a pony with beautiful haunches. He does not love you.'" 

Club Q won the 15th Annual Anthony Hecht Poetry Prize and will be published by Waywiser Press in Fall 2020. Learn more about the book and the prize at Waywiser's website.


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