My love of poetry is closely matched by my love of Scrabble. I've played in Scrabble clubs for about 10 years and won a few tournaments. I'm ranked somewhere in the 1800s by NASPA and 1700s by WGPO.


Scrabble gives me joy. It allows me to delight in the eclectic materiality of language. The Scrabble community is accepting, diverse, multifaceted, and laid-back. If you've never observed a pro-level Scrabble game, check out this video of the final game of the 2018 Scrabble Championship, or watch Word Wars, the full-length documentary about North American Scrabble culture.


For four years, I directed the Denver/Boulder Scrabble Club. Check out the club's website here, and enjoy some pictures from my illustrious Scrabble career below.

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