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High Scores

High Scores is a bimonthly column, hosted by Cartridge Lit, that investigates the emerging canon of videogame music with a special focus on the narrative uses of song in games.





"Hymn of the Fayth," December 30, 2021 












"Wicked Child," October 28, 2021











"Pyramid Peril," August 31, 2021

"Dire, Dire Docks," June 30, 2021

"Hateno Village (Day)," April 30, 2021 











"Aerith's Theme," February 23, 2021

"Terra's Theme," Dec 29, 2020

"Dr. Wily Stage 1 & 2," Oct. 29, 2020










"Stickerbrush Symphony," Aug. 25, 2020


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hateno village.png
aeriths theme.png
terras theme.png
dr wily.png
stickerbrush symphony.png
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